Mexico independence day play

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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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The Independence Day Play

Team members

Gerardo Mata
Ruben Venero
Monserrat Ruiz
Tairé Alarcón Castro

Gerardo Mata as: Hidalgo
Ruben Venero as: Vicente GuerreroMonserrat Ruiz: The Corregidora
Tairé Alarcón: Narrator Ignacio Allende
All actors not performing are all peolple.

Narrator- Hidalgo was in his church when he look thru the window and look howindians were badly treated.

Hidalgo- We should do something for them fot Mexico, I´m going to join others that share the same ideas.

Narrator- Hidalgo went to the corregidora´s house to have sometea. There he met Allende.

Allende- People may be we shouldn´t talk about this but, I think it´s time to free Mexico form Spanish.

Hidalgo- Actually yesterday morning I was thinking about thatlets do something.

Corregidora – Yes, you are right we should do something, let´s join here every thursday to plan well this thing.

Narrator- All those days they join, but one day a person lookedthrough the window and went to tell the spanish. Vicente Guerrero noticed about that and he went in look for the corregidora.
( in the park)

Corregidora- hi Viecente how are you doing?Vicente- The conspiration has been discovered you have to advice all!

Corregidora- Are you shure?

Vicente- Yes, I Heard the order from the spanish to kill you all.

Corregidora- Well ok i´m going totell them the day we meet.

Narrator- in the corregidora`s house in Queretaro some important people of the town were joining to plan a rebelation to free the town form the chains of the Spanish.(all the members are joined in a table when Corregidora enters worried)

Corregidora- Fast the conspiration has been discovered! We have to move! We have no time!

Ignacio Allende- Ok i´mgoingo to advice the others.

Hidalgo- Tonight I will advice all the town, take all weapons.

Ignacio Allende- Allright see you tonight.

Corregidora- Fast we have to move and get out of here!...
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