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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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MEXICO Data for crop/calendar year commencing: 2009

Area (km²) Population (million) Currency GDP (bln US$) GDP per capita (US$) Value of all exports(bln US$) Value of all imports (bln US$) Exchange rate (US$ 1) Official language COFFEE SECTOR ICO membership status ICO Contact Type of coffee produced Harvesting yearMethod of processing Total production (crop year) (000 bags) Domestic consumption (crop year) (000 bags) Per capita consumption (kg) Exports of green coffee (60-kg bags) Export ofgreen Arabica coffee (60-kg bags) Export of green Robusta coffee (60-kg bags) Exports of processed coffee (60-kg bags GBE) Gross stocks at start of crop year (000 bags)Value of exports of all forms of coffee (mln US$) Value of exports of all commodities (mln US$) Value of coffee as a percentage of all commodities (%) Value of coffee as apercentage against GDP (%) Total area planted to coffee (ha) in production (crop year) in formation (crop year) Total number of trees (000) in production (crop year) new trees(crop year) Yield (crop year) (bags/ha) Density (crop year) (trees/ha) VAT on coffee (%) Additional taxes and levies on imports of green coffee on imports of roasted coffee onimports of soluble coffee on exports of green coffee on exports of roasted coffee on exports of soluble coffee

1 958 201 109.61 Mexican Peso (N$) 874.9 7 982 243.6 256.213.51 Spanish

Exporting Member Asociación Mexicana de la Cadena Productiva del Café Arabica and some Robusta October-September Dry and Wet 4 200 2 200 1.20 2 206 377 2 170096 36 281 631 719 332 508.24 229 683 0.22 0.06 Not available

Not available

23% 72% 72% 0% 0% 0%

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