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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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23rd February
Solar water heater
The main parts of this system are water pipes, a solar water panel, a water tank, an inlet, a valve and a shower head. Thetank is above the solar panel.
Cold water enters the system through the inlet. It then flows into the tank. From here, the water flows into the solar panel.The sun heats the water in the panel. The hot water rises and flows from the panel into the tank. In the tank, hot water stays at the top and cold water sinksto the bottom.
When you open valve, hot water flows from the tank, through the valve, to the shower head. Here, it finally leaves the system.
1) Read thetest and answer these questions.
a) What are the main parts of the heating system? The main parts of the heating system are pipes, a solar water panel, awater tank, an inlet, a valve, and a shower head.
b) Where is the tank? The tank is above the solar panel.
c) What does the sun do? The sun heats thewater in the panel.
d) Where does the hot water leave the system? Hot water leaves the system in the shower head.
2) Circle 5 verbs in the text and writetheir tenses.
* Enters -> Simple Present
* Flows -> Simple Present
* Rises -> Simple Present
3) Put the underlined sentencesinto interrogative and negative.
4) Complete the chart
Nouns Adjectives Prepositions

5) What do these words refers to?
a) It-> *inlet *cold water *system
b) Here -> *tank *Inlet *water
c) Here -> *tank *valve *shower
d) It -> *shower head *valve *hot water
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