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Sample Content of the Comprehensive Oilgae Report
This e-book provides representative sample content to assist in evaluating the Comprehensive Oilgae Report.

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The Comprehensive Oilgae Report is a detailed report on all aspects of algae biofuels. This preview provides inputs on focus areas of the report, the complete list of contents, and sample data from each chapter of the report. The Comprehensive Oilgae Report was last updated in the 3rd week ofJanuary 2010, and has 508 pages.

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List of Contents
Concepts & Cultivation
Energy from Algae – Introduction Algal Strain Selection Algae Cultivation Photobioreactors Harvesting

Energy Products from Algae
Biodiesel from Algae Hydrogen from Algae Methane from Algae Ethanol from Algae Other Energy Products – Syngas, Hydrocarbon Fuels, Energyfrom Combustion of Algae Biomass Algae Meal / Cake

Processes & Challenges
Algae Grown in Open, Closed Ponds and Photobioreactor Algae Grown in Sewage & Wastewater Algae Grown in Desert Algae Grown in Marine Environment & Salt Water Environment Algae Grown in Fresh Water Algae Grown Next to Major CO2 Emitting Industries

Industry & Market Information
Cost of Making Oil from Algae Companiesin the Algae to Energy Industry Industry Profile & Company Strategies Potential for Existing Companies in Related Funding & Venture Funding Non-Fuel Applications of Algae Biofuels in Real-world

Apex Bodies, Organizations, Universities & Experts Culture Collection Centers Future Trends Oilgae – Home of Algal Energy – www.oilgae.com

An Invaluable Guide to the Algae Fuel IndustryAlgae fuels present an exciting opportunity. There is a strong view among industry professionals that algae represent the most optimal feedstock for biofuel production in the long run. It is also widely accepted that algae alone – and no other bio-feedstock have the ability to replace the entire global fossil fuel requirements. Such a significant opportunity has resulted in companies both large andsmall investing in algal energy. Algae present multiple possibilities for fuel end-products – biodiesel, ethanol, methane, jet fuel, biocrude and more – via a wide range of process routes. Each of these process routes presents its own set of opportunities, parameters, dynamics and challenges. Efforts into algae fuel research have accelerated in the past few years. As of mid 2009, over fiftycompanies and over a hundred universities have begun serious exploratory efforts into algae fuels. All these efforts will benefit enormously if a comprehensive resource is available that brings them up-to-date on the various critical aspects of the industry, status of past and on-going efforts, and critical data for assessing the technical and economic feasibility of algae fuels. Such a comprehensiveresource has the potential to save many months of research and analysis. The Comprehensive Oilgae Report was developed to satisfy this clear need. The Comprehensive Oilgae Report is the most detailed report dealing with all aspects of the algae fuel industry. The report is divided into four main sections: Concepts and Cultivation Diverse Energy Products from Algae Processes & Challenges Industry &Market Information Each section provides in-depth information, details and updates on the most critical aspects relevant to it. The objective of the Comprehensive Oilgae Report is to facilitate tangible steps for an algae fuel venture. The emphasis hence is on providing practical data, updates and insights. In addition, the report has made special efforts in identifying the core challenges faced...