Migrating kids

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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2012
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Many policies have been created to “fix” the immigration issue but illegal immigration has not ceased. Building high iron walls is not fixing the problem, only pushing migrants out of the public eyeand endangering their lives more for the so called “American Dream.” I worry that the true immigration issues are not being addressed properly, hundreds of bodies are still being found in the desert,families are torn apart every day, workers are being slaved under the fear of deportation and most importantly kids are being neglected for a status they never asked for.
Most of the time when wetalk about illegal immigration we focus on the adult braking the laws therefore they should be punished, but hardly ever do we think about the struggles those adults and kids go through.
Migratingto the United States as a kid might be an adventure of its own, but finding out that your undocumented status limits your horizon for success is not a fun quest to follow. Many kids have been broughtas minors to this country undocumented several of them don’t realize what being undocumented means until they are denied education. Like any kid undocumented kids assimilate into the culture andsociety they grow up in, is only normal that a migrant kid grows up feeling American. Unfortunately a lot of these kids have been deported to a country they hardly know and ironically they find out shortythey are outsiders there as well.
However not all kids living with undocumented families are undocumented, there are those that for some reason or another are legal citizen of the United States.Although these kids have a right to an education, health insurance and all the essential services a person might need in the US, does not mean they are worry free. What torments these kids is theagony of not knowing if their parents are coming back home from work. In the efforts of deporting or punishing all illegal immigrants we are tearing families apart, leaving kids behind at the mercy of...
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