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3/30/11 ITO Quality Center Upgrade Communication

QC migration from v9.2 to v10 – PLEASE READ!

ITO QC is scheduled for an upgrade from current version 9.2 to version 10 from 1 Apr, 7pm SSTtill 4 Apr, 7am SST.

As a result of this upgrade activity, all active projects will be upgraded from version 9.2 to version 10. List below contains all QC projects which have been activated.Useful information after QC has been upgraded to version 10:


Your Quality Center username is your SOEID. Default password is “password1”. Please change your password immediately upon first login. Refer to the following document forsteps on how to change your password:

If you are unable to login or see Authentication Failed, please close ALL IE browsers and try logging in again using any of the URLs mentioned above. Ifthat doesn’t help, please try the trouble shooting steps below. If problem still persists, please do the following:

>> If you are able to access QC10 main page but unable to LOGIN:
Email *GCG ITOSD-PTS Helpdesk (with screen capture attached)

>> If you are unable to find the client files mentioned in Steps 1 and 2 below:
Email *GCG ITO SD-PTS Helpdesk (with your full machine name andcountry which you are located)

>> For all other issues, please log a Ticket via the URL below:https://internationaltechnology.citigroup.net/TeamSites/Helpdesk/Pages/GeneralWorkflows/Issues/RequestForm.aspx

1. Go to C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\CM\Agent\Lib\SYSTEM\OVCM\SOFTWARE\ZSERVICE (For DSI Users)
Go to C:\Program Files\Radia\Lib\SYSTEM\Radia\NAIT\ZSERVICE (For Non-DSIUsers)

and verify that the following folders are now on your machine:
a. QualityCentrClient_100_01
b. QualtyCntr92UnIns_10_00
2. Verify the following folders are NO LONGER on your machine:
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