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Endangered animals

What do you mean by species in danger of extinction?
What I understand is that endangered an animal is in danger of ending in fatalities either the environment or by the sameman who mistreats animals and so little by little ending that animal species

It is the same in danger of extinction than extinct?
Is not the same as in extinction means that the species no longerexists in combination endangered means that there are still species but are about to end

 Which species are in danger of extinction?
Antilocapra americana
Tapirus bairdii
 Trichechus manatus
Ursus horribilis
 Grizzly bear
Phenicopterus ruber
Falco peregrinus
Harpyja Harpia
 Harpy eagle
Gopherus flavomarginatus Turtle Mapimí
Eretmochelys imbricata
 Hawksbill Turtle

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Choose specie in danger of extinction and provide generalinformation?
Fan Zhiyong, director of WWF's Species Program in Beijing, expressed concern with respect to housing and development of human beings as they would represent an interference with the naturalfeeding and breeding of wild pandas and that could somehow lead to their extinction.

"We should not say it's wrong that the development progress. We are asking whether, in the development process,we and / or can, stop and think that as China's national treasure and a protected species worldwide, we can make plans to have a panda bear in mind. Can our development plans to take them intoconsideration? I think it's quite reasonable. "- Said Fan Zhiyong.

China has developed a successful breeding of pandas and many of them were born in the best centers established by the government.

Butoutside of these centers were adequate spaces for about 1,000 pandas, about 30 years ago are now big enough to house about 1,600 pandas living currently in the wild. The development has also an...
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