Modelling convection currnts

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TOPIC: “Modeling Mantle Convection Currents”


How might convection in Earth’s mantle affect tectonic plates?


• large plastic bottle
•food coloring
• small glass jar
• aluminum foil
• rubber band, tape
• several pieces of paper about 0.5 cm square
• tap water
• thermometer


1. Fill the largebottle about half full with cold tap water.
2. Partly fill the small jar with hot tap water and stir in 6 drops of food
coloring. Carefully add enough hot water to fill the jar to the brim.
3.Cover the top of the jar with aluminum foil and secure with a rubber
4. Carefully lower the jar into the bottle of ice water.
5. Place the pieces of paper on the surface of the water.
6.Without disturbing the water, use the tip of the pencil to make two small
holes about 2 mm in diameter in the aluminum foil covering the jar.
7. Predict what will happen to the colored waterand to the pieces of paper
floating on the surface.
8. Observe the contents of the jar as well a the paper pieces on the surface of
the water.
Analyze and Conclude

1. Describe what happenedto the colored water and to the pieces of paper
after the holes were punched in the material covering the jar.





2. How did your prediction compare with what actually happened to the
colored water and pieces of paper?____________________________________________________________



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