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  • Publicado : 20 de enero de 2011
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Were observed and analyzed the difficulties of the elder community, without neglecting their tastes and preferences in order to offer them the privilege of being earlyadopters of the project.
Keeping also in mind their comfort and ease of use, with emphasis on:

Simple system
Easy to interpret
Low cost
Long term
Mainly for older people

Iencourage all of this to create something useful for them who for one reason or another have difficulty using a conventional control, hence the idea to realize that although can be slightly complex,is feasible, as it will be created with electronic circuits which will make this artifact an element of USER FRIENDLY


For this idea I took two steps : the research and intuitioninitially it was just something I thought was beneficial, because the creators of technologies only meet the needs of children with games and advanced technology in young people with communication devices.But where were the elderly? Why they do not consider their needs? Or perhaps they are not part of our society?
This made my imagination sprout ideas that turned into this project, which I hope tomeet one of the basic needs of the users
For the project was necessary to make a thorough study of the most frequent diseases in the elderly, with which it was determined that among them are:arteriosclerosis
Prostatic hypertrophy
High blood pressure

With this I deduced that my project would be variable, there were unexpected problems theideal glove size, the most suitable technology and the optimum material for this.
Surveys were made to a few elders, who for this I got excellent results; I knew it was beneficial; I proceeded to finddesign strategies, concluding that the better was the glove previously unseen. Then analyzed the material, size, style and most important technology since it will be most of its operation. Its...
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