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  • Publicado : 27 de marzo de 2011
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In the current economic systems, money is created by two procedures:
Legal money, it's created by the Central Bank through the minting of coins andprinting banknotes(cash money).
Deposit money is "created " by private banks through the book-entry deposit signedby customers.
The amount of money created is measured by the monetary aggregates.WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF MONEY?
common medium of exchange and generally accepted by a society that is used forpayment of goods (goods), services, and any liabilities (debts).

The money, as we knowit today (currency without intrinsic value) must be endorsed or certified by the issuing institution. Currently there are governments, through laws, which determine what type of legal tender money, but are other entities such as centralbanks(Central Bank) and Mint (Mint), which are responsible First, to regulate and controlmonetary policy in an economy, and second, to create notes and coins on demand andthe need for physical money.Did you know .. if you fill a bottle of THE COCA-COLA COMPANY 2L with coins only$ 10 would bring together the amount of $ 10,000 dollars ... =)
See For Yourself!

Summarizing, we can saythat money is an asset that serves as a platform neutralintermediate to exchange goods and services in society, thus avoiding inaccuracies ina direct exchange of market goods and services (barter).HONEY MONEY
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