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The Inti Raymi is know as the Festival of the Sun. This is a religious ceremony in honor of the sun.
Take place every winter solstice, lasts for 9 days, thesedays’ people dance, they make music and they make sacrifices. The last Inti Raymi done in the presence of the Inca was in 1535
The solstice is the day that the morning is shorter and the night is longer.This is on June 21 in the winter. The Incas carried out the party so that the sun does not move farther, and so they thougth the sun would return to their brilliance to bless the earth.
THE FIRST DAYToday, this festival is always celebrated in the main square of Cusco on June 24, The Inti raymi was the most important festival for the Incas, and this celebration shows half of the year andindicates the mythical origin of the Incas.
The ceremony is performed in the presence of the people who come to the event
This day the Inca get squat barefoot, with open arms and giving air kissessunrise, then, the Inca offers with two golden cups full of chicha, next, the common people worship the sun and they deliver their animals as a sacrifice to the mighty sun.
During the celebration,sacrificing a white flame which was removed the heartbeat to predict what would happen to the empire.
People attending the ceremony eat zancu, the zancu is ceremonial corn bread prepared bythe virgins of the sun and they drink a lot of chicha
They also do rituals which make holes in the ground to feed the Pacha Mama. In this way was thought to have made ​​a payment for all those whohave been given the pacha mama
In the celebration they hear folk music, dance and eat local food

The Incas made ​​music with native instruments such as flutes, panpipes, drums, shells and rattlesMarian. Some people wear beautiful costumes of wild beasts and mythological animals
Inca dance skirts, coyas, sicuris and chumchu whit their colorful costumes.
Today's celebration is a...
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