Morbid taste for bones

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A Morbid Taste for Bones

Nom: Mamadou Diallo Baldé
Teresa Ràmia
2nd Batx. B

Section A:

1. Find information about the setting -time and place- of the story.Which key event happened at that time in England, particularly in Shrewsbury? Where is the story set? Why do you think the writer chose this time and place?

The story of Shrewsbury begins in theAnglo-Saxon era. Shrewsbury began as a Saxon town. It was first mentioned in the year 901. Its place name ending “bury” showed it was once a fortified settlement called a burgh. ( The Saxons created anetwork of fortified settlements across England). Shrewsbury was probably protected by a ditch with an earth rampart and a wooden stockade.

In the 10th century Shrewsbury had a mint so it musthave been a fairly important place. At the time of the Domesday Book in 1086 Shrewsbury probably had a population of about 1200. it would seem tiny to us but Medieval towns were very small.

TheNormans built a wooden fort at Shrewsbury. However in 1069 a rebellion occurred and the rebels laid siege to the fort. When Norman reinforcement arrived the rebels set the town alight then fled.
Althoughpart of Shrewsbury was burned the town soon recovered ( Fire, whether deliberate or accidental was a constant hazard in Medieval towns when most buildings were of wood with thatched roofs. On theother hand if they burned down they could easily be rebuilt).

Shrewsbury abbey was founded in 1803 by Roger de Montgomery the first Earl of Shrewsbury. The same man built a castle in Shrewsbury toreplace the rough wooden fort.

In the Middle Ages, Shrewsbury flourished. By the 12th century it had two bridges. In the early 12th century King Henry gave Shrewsbury a charter ( a documentgranting the townspeople certain rights). King Richard gave Shrewsbury a second charter in 1189. In the 13th century stone walls were built around Shrewsbury.

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