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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2011
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My wonderful internship

I went to work to a ONG call Plan International. I was sent to a countryside office that works in rural-marginal places in Quito, like the south part of Quito and downtownQuito. This organization emphasizes in children’s rights.
On the firs day I went to a community in the south, I delivered carts and presents to the families from the sponsors, the office have asystem of sponsors that send carts and presents to the families. These sponsors live in England, Japan, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, EE.UU, Italy, Holland, and Germany.
AndI also went to teach the families their rights. We spend almost all day in the south. The next day y went again to the south to deliver more carts, and I came to the office to lunch with the boss andplain what I am going to do the other half-day, and she send me to “San Roque” to a little school call Japon. I went there to teach the parents what do they have to teach to their children to make abetter school. The next day the boss send me to arrange the basement of the office, I found a lot of cool things, and then I went to make a report from a book that my boss send me to do it. And thattook me like 3 hours. The 4th day went to La Merced because a office project made a student consuls reunion from the schools that the office work with. That day we made some games for the kids and thenwe had some speaks from some coworkers to the kids. They talk about how to make a good use from the school founds and all that stuff, then the next day I went there again and talk about the same themeand then we finished the day and I finished my internship week. I had a great time in the office, I like to help people and the thing that I like the most is that the office don’t give money to thepeople they teach the people how to be better and have money. I really like to work with kids is a really nice experience because you learn a lot of new things like new games and new people. I met a...
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