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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2011
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1. Parliament: The aggregate or assembly of institutions that comprise the legislative apparatus of government in democratic societies.
2. Military: Performed or made by soldiers; as, a militaryelection; a military expedition.
3. Institution: an established law, custom, practice, system, etc.
4. President:  One appointed or elected to preside over an organized body of people, such asan assembly or meeting.
5. Dialog: A conversation between two or more people.
6. Crisis: a situation that has reached a critical phase 
7. Government: The right or power of governing;authority. 
8. Demonstrate:  is a form of nonviolent action by groups of people in favor of a political or other cause
9. Leader: a person who influences a group of people towards the achievementof a goal
10. Protest: To express strong objection.

1. Where was the problem start?
2. Who was the president of Egypt?
Hosni Mubarak
3. What was the crisis about?
Thepresident of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak has provoked fury among Egypt's protesters by handing over some powers to his deputy but pledging once again to stay in office.
4. How the problem began?
For allMubarak's three decades as president of Egypt it is difficult to read his mind or his likely reactions, particularly as he faces an unprecedented crisis. Egyptians have long mocked his bovine appearanceand utterances. He would not have held power for so long if he did not know how to manipulate political forces inside and outside Egypt.
5. How the Egyptians feel about it?
Many people feelself-determined Egyptian living life miserable with two dollars incomes. Each person and each country has its own positive and negative perceptions. For those self-determined in Egypt, any democracy isacceptable to them that will forget the misery faced for thirty years under the regime of Mubarak. Many feel united with the Muslim world, others are still calculating the economic benefits for...
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