Multiculturalismo en méxico

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  • Publicado : 6 de octubre de 2010
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The long journey towards Mexico’s multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism has been defined - according to Princeton’s web site - as the doctrine that several different cultures, rather than onenational culture, can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country.
In a wider sense multiculturalism can be understood in two ways. The first one sustains that it is just as a fact. In the secondstatement, multiculturalism is a socio-political proposal to celebrate and promote cultural differences and citizens’ rights to it.
Mexico nowadays is the result of different movements andhistorical events. The event that triggered the Multicultural Movement was the arrival of Spaniards to Mexico. In the subject of the essay, this event has mainly two effects: it is considered as the firstmoment when Mexico’s Multiculturalism began to be shaped. The second effect is that it greatly determined the actual situation of American Indians. The political, economical, cultural, socialinstitutions; the daily dynamic, and a long etcetera granted by the opposed groups mentioned above is the origin of our Multiculturalism.
As an immediate consequence of Mexico’s Conquer a new social statusbegan to be formed, a necessary rearrangement of institutions and organizations that led to domination and relegation of American Indians.
Another important factor in multiculturalism is miscegenation.It is a formation process of human beings. Miscegenation is a phenomenon that can be observed in any culture and society. Specifically, in Mexico, it refers to the incorporation of tree elements intoone single space: Native American Indians; the European conquer and the Africans that arrived as slaves.
This process began before the arrival of Spaniards to Mexico. Its origin can be traced toEurope with the foundation of Commercial Routes between the Iberian Peninsula and the Western region of Europe. By this route, besides seeds and different products from Africa, big amounts of African...
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