Multiculturalismo, una pequena mirada

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|Multiculturalism |July 1st |
| |2010 |
|This paper seeks to define what multiculturalism is from a historical and theoretical |Abrief overview |
|perspective. Teachers more than ever need to be aware of the cultural views, strategies, and | |
|difficulties associated with educating culturally diverse students. Secondary sources, as was | |
|requested, formed the back-bone of this researchpaper. The fact that Belize is culturally | |
|diverse requires that teachers invest time to understand and re-think the concept of | |
|multiculturalism. | ||Submitted to: Mrs. Rose Pineda | |
|By: Matilda Shal, Marleny Sanchez, Suzan Mai, and Rolando Cocom | |
| ||
| | |
| | |
|| |

Introduction 3
Defining culture, race, and ethnicity 5
Colonial Legacy 8
Defining Multiculturalism 11
Multiculturalism in education 13
The Belize Case 14
Conclusion 17
Reference 18

Multiculturalism: A brief overview


It is imperative for Belize to acknowledgeand appreciate the notion of multiculturalism that exists in schools and in our nation. Multiculturalism embodies the concept of different ethnic, cultural, and racial groups living together in one society. It is very crucial to recognize that all these diverse groups are equal.
The reality of “multiculturalism” is an everyday experience in public and church-state schools. The purpose ofeducation is to prepare students for living, and as such we must prepare students for multicultural living. The primary concern of multiculturalism is the recognition of cultural diversity - the development of an individual's capacity to function effectively in a multicultural society. Educators should provide various perspectives towards ethnicity and culture, tradition and change, and differenthistories and heritages of our students in the classroom environment
It incorporates human concerns at the local, national, and global levels into one framework and includes cognitive, affective and ethical dimensions relevant to education. The concept of multiculturalism or cultural diversity is not about "us" versus "them" rather to harness diversity for the common good of the country.It promotes positive social change as well as respect and understanding among all people (Iyo, J., 2002).
Despite the fact that we have had various presentations of the different cultural groups in Belize, there is a need to place this in a multicultural framework. Most of us would be limited by the subjective information concerning groups. Some of us struggle to define certain cultural...
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