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Music is what defines life, personality and feelings of all the people in the world. Music is used in different ways and it has many different purposes like relaxation, entertainment or it is used to avoid loneliness. There are different types of music for different types of people; the principal types of music favored by teenagers are pop, rock and techno. These three music types arepreferred by teenagers because of they offer a variety of songs that are attractive and relevant to their everyday lives. The various types of music have acceptance by culture and gender. While the boys like music very aggressive. On the other hand, girls tend to prefer one type of music more romantic and less aggressive. In discussions among teens, a common theme is the music; if they share the samemusic can be the basis for new friends or groups.
People enjoy expressing themselves through music. It shows the vision of people’s life; also plays a very important role in education and culture because of the influence in people’s feelings. It is part of all the countries and their customs. It is recognized as an instrument with enormous powers of persuasion which influence the attitudes,moods, emotions and human actions. Music has experienced dramatic changes in general, most especially in adolescents. Rewards the success and competition, welfare and creation; it is about social status and beauty. As we know, it is the way that teenagers understand the world. Teenagers feel the need to be part of a group, and in every group the most important element is the music. It is whatdetermines the way of dressing, moving, even the way they talk and every person has their own taste of music.

The principal genre of music is the pop music. This genre consists in a group of singers or an individual singer that express their feelings and their history; just to hear a song you can predict what kind of person or persons are the singers and what kind of message he, she or them aretrying to send to their audience. It has an impressive power of controlling people’s feelings and emotions. Therefore, the lyrics appeal to the reason, the music to the feelings and the rhythm to the sensations.
The main point of this genre is the song and the lyric; the lyric is what makes people feel identified with it. Pop music is produced as matter of business not art; is designed to appeal toeveryone, not from any particular place or to mark any particular taste. The artists give their own music a lot of publicity like CD’s, concerts, and web pages to get money with it; it only has marketing purpose.
The majority of the people in the world prefer pop music than others genres. This genre express the feelings with exact words and people feel so identified with the song because itslyrics are the words they want to say and do not know how or maybe they cannot. Pop music is a short from popular music, and is the combination of different musical genres, that is why so many people like it. Can be as relaxant or melancholic as people like or feel. It has everything to do with people’s mood and relationship status. Today, the most popular topic in teenagers around the world is Loveand relationships because they are so difficult to define and understand; everyone is trying to give a real mean to it through a song. People always relate a pop song with their personal feelings like love, happiness or sadness. There are songs for every situation, for every moment and for every person; a song always has the right words to say. This type of music is most used by teenage girlsbecause they relate the music with their personal feelings.
Some of the people like crazy music like Techno (also called Electronic music) that keeps them always energetic and animated. This is a form of electronic dance. Is a genre to define the music created using electronic equipment, and any sound generated by an electrical instrument such as electric guitar, amplifiers and speakers. This type...
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