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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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How long do you practice and practice seven hours to remain the youngest pianist and best in the world?

It's difficult for me because I'm still in college and I have to the task, go to trainingcourses to help sick with my music and continue to give piano concerts. For me it is very satisfying to be able to do all these things, but it's hard to leave my family and friends
Going totraining courses is very interesting to learn more and to help the sick so they can easily overcome their illness or that are already in terminal stage can help to make their life not so difficult.
Ialready said, I am a pianist, ten years after I imagined it would be like when I was in high school, now I see things more clear as I had before. Everything was clear to me that I wanted to be a pianist,but I had fear of not knowing. If I was born for this now. I realize I maked the best decision, my thoughts are more clear as people tell me patients helped with my music. I say that is mine because Ifeel so a part of my I give to patients to recover the soul and mind.

I'm now a graduate student at the conservatory in Spain, I have not finished, I have already covered a large part of my careeras a pianist and I am very proud. I am known for the works I write and why I play mozart say that I am the lost granddaughter of the for and interpret their parts, I proud me to compare me because forme he is my idol, which helped me to best everytime I hear their pieces.

My job as a pianist does not only include playing in large theaters where people see me and applaud me for my work, butalso help sick people, She goes to hospitals, and created a program at a hospital where She was assigned a room with a piano where She playing music for patients and at a stage where they lost, so helpthem hear my music, that many have been written for them, for the soul and thus more open can Calm mind that there are other possibilities to cure the only possibility is not just let it die slowly...
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