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I live in Barcelona.I live in a flat on the first floor. I rent a apartament (whit my daugthers) in Barcelona.
My house isn’t in the city centre. In my opinion my town it’sa good town.In my town there are two metro stations.There is a cinema and there are differents shops. Our house is between a fruit shop and a chinese’s shop. In front ofour house there is a bus station.
I like my house because is my home but I love my house( excuse-me our house) of Baldomar( it’s a small village in Lleida).Our house inBaldomar it’s very luminous and spacious . It’s beautiful in my opinion.
We bougth last eigth years. We renovate( I don’t know the pasat) this house.There are three floors but onlyone floor it’s renovate.This house has haids ceilings .This house there is two doors for entrance: one door for come in the kitchen and the other is for come in the hall.Behin the kitchen there is the washroom and netx to washroom there is a smal deck.
If you go past the entrance door of kitchen…there is the study room and there is a bathroom. In front of the kitchen there is a bedroom. In the moment they aren’t any bed and any curtains. If you standing in hall and walk through there is a Laura’s and Laia’sbedroom on your left hand.
Walk through and your right hand side there is another bedroom with a big wardrobe. Go past this bedroom on your left hand there is the living room andthe diving room. Next to divingroom there is the last bedroom whit big bed (it’s a the end of hallway).

When we renovate this house, we were very happy but since sevenyears ago my daugthers and me aren’t live in Baldomar, but Jordi still live.

In the moment our house it’s for sale. Ooohh. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it’s very dificulted.
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