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Write an article for an educational publication
I) Summarizing the advantages and disvantages Judith has found when learning Greek at the age of 61 and
II)Describing your own foreign language learning experiences and your feelings about them

Judith at 61 years old, she wants to learn Greek because she feelsthis like an exercise for her brain she will have advantages and disvantages as:
*she will learn Greek
*she will exercise her brain
*she willhave another wok in other country
*she doesn’t have a great memory
*She is very old so she will be tired early

I am learning Englishbecause I like it and I need this for my work and my education so I need to finish all the levels as soon as possible, but I don’t have any problems with learn thislanguage.

Write about a custom in your country.

On the 6th of January we celebrate here in Mexico the day of the three kings, on that day we eat breadthread and we give away toys to children, they are happy to make your wishes come true by giving them toys, at the time of cutting bread if you play doll atthe day February 2, better known as “dia de la candelaria” people make tamales and distributed to the family.
This tradition is carried out for as the threekings gave gifts to baby Jesus at birth, which is why children are given toys.
So all the families on that day are happy and helpful with the people, In myopinion we need to be gentle always not only on festivity days that is why we are so proud always because we are arrogant and jealous with other people.