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Actividades del libro Changing places

1ª a)it´s exciting work : Movie Star
b)it´s different every day: Movie Star
c)it´s dirty work: Zoo Worker
d)You can make a lot of money:Movie Star
e)You can walk down the street and people don´t look at you: Zoo Worker
f)you don´t make much money: Zoo Worker
g)People always stop you in the street and want to talk toyou: Movie Star
h)it isn´t very exciting: Zoo Worker

2ª50 cent. Because he´s a great person and good singer
Page 6
Reading check
a)He works in a zoo: Halb)He´s a movie star: Tim
c)Nothing exciting happens in his life: Hal
d)He wants to marry Sophie: Hale)He´s unhappy because he doesn´t have a normal life: Tim
f)He´s making a movie at the zoo: Tim
g)He watches the crew working on a scene: Halh)He´s eating a sandwich when the two men meet: Hal
I)He says, ‘Let’s change places.´

Word Work
a)Cats and dogs areanimals
b)Hats and shirts are clothes
c)The White House and Big Ben are famous building
d) X-Men and Matrix are moviese) Gwyneth Paltrow and Leonardo DiCaprio are famous
Page 12
Reading check
a)------ 5
b)------- 8c)------------ 3
e)--------- 1

Word Work
* Monkey
* Key
* Party
* Scene
* Boss

Page 13
Guess What

The a) and d)
Page 18...
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