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TAREA UNIDAD 1: Who’s Paco? | |
|Name |Class | Date |
| | | |

As you know, Paco likes new technologies, sohe often surfs the web. In fact, he surfs the web every single day. Read the information he provided about himself on a website so that people may know him better:
| |
|Hi, my name's Paco González. I'm a twenty-one-year-old university student. I study World History at theUniversity of Málaga. |
|I can't speak English very well, so, I study English very hard every day to improve it. I get up very early in the morning. |
|After breakfast, I go to university. I attend the lessons there from 9.00 am to 15.00 pm every day. Then, I go back home and |
|have lunch with my parents and my sister, Sonia. I have got another brother, Alex. However, Alex doesn't livewith us. He's an|
|engineer and lives with his girlfriend, Susan, in Madrid. |
|  |
|I love sports. I'm keen on football and tennis. I play in a football team. Soon, we'll have a Regional FootballChampionship |
|in Almería. But what I like best is fishing. I usually go fishing with my father. We don't kill the fish. We practise catching|
|and releasing fish. I also like the cinema. My friends and I often go to the cinema on Saturday evenings. After that, we |
|usually go to a burger bar and have a sandwich and a coke. We don't drink any alcohol. We don't like alcohol. We prefer ||telling jokes and we have a good time together. How about you? |
|  |
|Paco. |

1. Underlineall the present simple tenses you can find in Paco's words and complete the following sentences.
a. Paco __________________________ World History.
b. He __________________________ very early to go to university.
c. He __________________________ at university from 9.00 to 15.00 every day.
d. He ______________________ lunch with his parents and sister.
e. Paco and his father___________________________ every weekend.
f. Paco _____________________________ cinema on Saturdays.
g. They _______________________________ a sandwich and a coke.
h. His friends _____________________________ alcohol.
2. It is also very important that you write sentences in the correct order. Write the following sentences in the correct order and remember some of the information about Paco and his friends(pay attention to the adverbs of frequency)
Remember the order of positive/affirmative sentences in English:

|Subject + Verb + Indirect Object + Direct Object + How + Where + When |

a. usually / at weekends / Paco and his friends / football / play.
b. on his own / does / Paco / the lottery / always .
c. don't / the lottery /every week / Paco's friends / like / doing.
d. around the world / wants / Paco / travel / to.
e. on Saturday evenings / They / alcohol / drink / never.
f. going / on Saturdays / They / to the cinema / like.

3. Here you are a table with Paco's routines.
| |Monday |Friday |Sunday |
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