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General Tailoring Guidelines
This document is a template for a Software Quality Assurance Plan intended for use by Code 303, Assurance Management Office (AMO) personnel as the basis for amission-specific Software Quality Assurance Plan.
Text in Black
Text in this style, black, is used for text that is equally applicable to all Software Quality Assurance Plans and will beincluded in the Software Quality Assurance Plan without modification. All document section headings are in the same category. Text in Blue with < >
Text in this style, , is used to indicatethat the text needs to be updated with project specific information such as the project name, persons name, persons title, date, revision #, Document Control Number, exc…
Text in thisstyle, [blue], is used to indicate that there is additional instruction for tailoring text in any specific section. Delete this style, [blue], text before the document is finalized.
Textunderlined in Blue
Text in this style, blue, is used to indicate active links. These links are usually to project or software assurance websites. The text color may very depending oneach persons personal computer settings/configuration. All components of the table of contentswill be addressed, but the level of detail is left up to the software quality personnel. The lengthand level of detail of the Software Quality Assurance Plan should be commensurate with the scope and complexity of the project.
Section headings may be added where necessary, but existing headingsshould not be modified or deleted. If a particular section is not applicable to the specific Software Quality Assurance Plan under production, that fact should be noted under the section heading,together with a brief explanation.
The following disclaimer appears on all pages: “Printed copies of this document are for REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY! The only controlled copy of this document is located...
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