Negociating by e-mail

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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2012
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Negotiating By E-mail
A lot of negotiations today are done via e-mail, even when this can present advantages and disadvantages; that´s why it is important to take into account some general aspectsto get it right.
A great advantage of the use of e-mail is the speed in which the messages are being transmited because you can deal with some issues quickly. Besides, it allows us to get in touchwith people from all over the world easily, which is valuable in business.
On the other hand, Negotiate by e-mail has some negative aspects that can be decisive in an agreement. For example, the use ofthe tone of voice, body language and facial expressions can show a lot about a position of a party in an agreement, that`s why, when you are negotiating by e-mail, you must make great efforts toachieve the same results.
Finally, there are some steps that can equip us with the basic skills to develop “Virtual” negotiation:
1. Remind yourself about principles of negotiation: no matter the wayyou realized the negotiation the principles are the same, the objective of find a balance between parties is the same. You need to: be prepare well and stay informed about all the details of thesituation, be sure of your own objective and think about your ideal climate, Speak clear and try to convey from your position, remain flexible and summarize and appropriate.
2. Compose the openingoffer: In case that, the other party begin the offering you need to send an e-mail to explore the expectations of the other and ideal outcomes.
3. Manage the correspondence: If the agreement doesn’tsolve through the first e-mail send and received, it is necessary to organize all the e-mails to really what is the process of the negotiation.
4. Keep your cool: Sometimes during the process ofthe agreement, tempers may fray. So it`s important to always remember stay calm, because you can take the risk of jeopardizing the whole negotiation process. Adopt a polite but firm and strong tone in...
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