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1. The most important characteristics in an electronic cable are the following ones: impedance, attenuation, shielding and capacitance. Could you describe them?

2. Give aphysical description of the following cables. Explain the role of each material.

3. Which criteria are taken into account for the selection of the right cable?

4. What does the following table state?Which type of cable is being described?


5. Give a technical definition of 'computer network'.

6. Data is delivered by means of packets in a network. Provide a technicaldescription of a "packet".

7. Describe the basic types of networks as far as their coverage is concerned: LAN, MAN and WAN. Give some examples.


8. Explain the general differencebetween logical and physical topologies.

9. Describe the role of a protocol in a network.

LOGICAL TOPOLOGY: ETHERNET 10. Explain how communication takes place between two computers within anEthernet network. Remember that Ethernet uses CSMA/CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection).

11. Rearrange the following steps: [ 1 ] A node that has to transmit a frame monitorsthe transmission medium to detect whether the medium is free (i.e. carrier sensing or listen before talking). [ ….. ] After sending the jam signal, the nodes involved in the collision wait for anindefinite period of time before retransmitting the frames. This process in which the nodes wait before transmitting frames is known as backoff. [ ….. ] After stopping the transmission of the frame, thenode sends a collision jam signal to the other nodes on the network. When the other nodes receive the jam signal, they discard the frames that are corrupted by the collision. [ ….. ] At any specificpoint in time, multiple nodes may sense a carrier on the transmission medium. At times, more than one node may simultaneously determine that the transmission medium is free and begin to transmit...
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