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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2011
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February 18, 2011
Warriors of the Net assignment

1. What is the role of the router? It tells all the packets what route to taketo get to the right computer or the Internet. It Is a symbol of control.

2. What does IP Protocol do if the packets collide and getdestroyed? IP send a replacement packet.

3. What are the commonly used ports referred in the movie? Name at least 3. Porte 80, port 25, port 53.4. What is the function of a Proxy? The proxy opens the packet and looks for the web address or URL. Depending upon whether the address isacceptable, the packet is sent to the internet.

5. What are the different ways a packet can reach the final destination? Packets have topass through the proxy, bypass routers and firewall to get to the final destination.

6. Name at least 3 types of packets shown in themovie? Ping packet, TCP packet, and UDP packet,

7. What happens to the packets whose content is not acceptable to corporate guidelines? Theproxy blocks the packets that are not acceptable to corporate guidelines.

8. What is the function of a firewall? It prevents “nasty” thingsfrom the internet to come into the intranet and it can prevent information from being sent out on to the internet.
9. What is the Internetmade of? An spider web of interconnected networks, which expand our entire globe. Here routers and switches establish links between networks.
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