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DEPRESSION. To feel me with a lot of problems, all without any solution and to be afraid to live, it caused that a terrible anxiety becomes seized me more and more. I alwaysthought that I was the only being in the world that suffered this way. My life was confused, I could never make any decision, the doubt always taken possession of me. I was very afraid to fail and toreceive the critic from all the people, so I preferred to be still and I did not dare to make things. Most of the time felt an excessive fatigue, to where it arrived I sat down, I walked dragging thefeet, I felt that my life had finished.    When I was 24 years I felt unsuccessful, disappointed, without desires of living, in my mind the word death only appeared an and another time, I thought thatthe best solution was if would I died. I saw a lot of darkness, bitterness and a deep sadness that collapsed me more and more. I never found the reason for which I felt those emotions, because I hada job, I bought what I wanted, I lived with my parents, they loved me, I had everything to be happy, but I was not. That was my great concern, what I lacked?, what was wrong?, why I never could takethe control of myself? One day I decided to look for something, I did not know what I looked for, but I wanted to be calm, to know the peace and the harmony with myself. When I met the Good WillMovement 24 Hours of Neurotic Anonymous my life began to change little by little, finally I met a life full with harmony and of tranquility through a Recovery Program of 12 Steps.    The fears, theinsecurity, the confusion and that numberless of problems left solving. I learned how to transcend everything that in other time I took on my backs. |

DEPENDENCE. Before knowing the Good WillMovement 24 Hours of Neurotics Anonymous, I depended horribly of a man. Since I remember I felt an enormous necessity that a man was to my side. I could not live, if the opposite sex was not to my side....
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