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Welcome to MegaCloud, the new and exciting cloud computing service that will revolutionize the way you store your data. With the magic of the cloud, your photos, videos, documents and music are nevertoo far away. MegaCloud helps you back up your data, protecting you from pesky hard drive crashes by making everything you desire accessible online 24/7/365. This guide will help you get the most outof your MegaCloud experience and have you become a pro at synchronizing your files across a library of computers in no time.



Adding files to MegaCloud is simple. Just drag anddrop your files into the MegaCloud folder to enjoy instant synchronization between desktop and the cloud for a more streamlined experience.

MegaCloud User Guide

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MegaCloud keeps trackof every change. Once a file has been saved for the first time, MegaCloud will then cleverly only sync the changes made. Free users can revisit older versions of files for up to 30 days whilstpremium users will be able to keep older versions FOREVER!

Login to MegaCloud via the website ( to enjoy the comfort of home wherever life may take you.

After signing up for anew MegaCloud account, the desktop manager will begin downloading automatically. (If not, please install MegaCloud here) Run MegaCloud and follow the on screen installation instructions.

Duringinstallation, a MegaCloud folder will be created on your computer.

Once installed, you will be able to see the MegaCloud icon on your system tray.

This folder is now your MegaCloud hub andeverything saved in this location will automatically be synchronized to your MegaCloud account (and any other computers associated).

MegaCloud User Guide

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This icon represents MegaCloud issyncing your files.

This icon represents you have paused MegaCloud from syncing your files.

This icon will be displayed when all files in your MegaCloud folder are up to date.

This icon...
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