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Level 1A

Lesson 1.

This is mike.
dis is maik
He is American.
gi is Amerecan
Mike is young.
Maik is iong
He’s twenty three years old.
gi’s tuenti trui iers ould

Q:Who is he?
Ju isgi?
A:He’s Mike.
Gi’s Maik
Q:What nationality is he?
jGuat nashonaliti is gi?

A:He’s American.
Gi is amerecan

Q:Is he old?
Is gi ould?
A:No, he’s not old, he’s young.
Nou gi’s nat ould,gi’s iong

Q:How old is he?
Jaw ould is gi?
A:He’s twenty one years old.
gi’s tuenti iers ould

Lesson 2.

Q:Who is she?
Ju is shi?
A:She’s kate.
Q:Is she American?
A:Yes, she is, she’sfrom New York.

Q:Where is she?
A:She is in the street.
Q:Where is Mike?
A:He is in the street too.

Q:Where’s the restaurant?
A:It’s on the corner of the street.
Q:Is it a big restaurant?A:No it’s not a big restaurant.

Lesson 3

Mike: I’m sorry, miss.
Kate: That’s ok, sir.
Mike: My name is Mike,
what’s your name?

Kate: My name is kate.
Are you a student?Mike: No, I’m not a student,
I’m a teacher.

Kate: I’m an actress,
from Los Angeles
Mike: That’s interesting.
I’m from this city, New York.

Lesson 4

Narrator1: New York is a very big city,
it’s in the United States.
Narrator 2: Where is Toronto?
Narrator 1: Toronto is in Canada.

Mike: They are my friends.
They areKelly and Frank
They are very good friends.
They are from here, too.

Kate: Are they young, too?
Mike:Yes they are young.
Kate: Kelly is 20 and Frank is 21.

Lesson 5

Mike:She’s kelly.
She’s a secretary.
Kate: Kelly is very pretty.
Mike:Yes she is.

Mike: He is Frank.
He is a law student.
Kate: Is he a good student?
Mike: Yes he’s veryintelligent.

Q: What’s Frank?
A: He’s a law student, from New York.
Q: Whats Kelly?
A: She’s a secretary.

Lesson 6

Frank: Hello, Mike how are you?
Mike: I’m fine, thanks. This is kate,...
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