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  • Publicado : 29 de mayo de 2011
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Hidden Children
The Holocaust

During the time of the Holocaust Jewish women were taken to concentration camps where they were, abused, tortured and separated from their children. Many ofthese children were forced to work at early ages; however, if the child was under thirteen years old, the child was consider a liability and was immediately killed. Only few of hundred thousands ofchildren survived. My friend Alice is one of the children who survived the Holocaust. She told me her story when she was at Ravensbruck Women's Concentration Camp during her childhood.
Alice was onlyfour year old when her mom was taken to Ravensbruck. Helped by other women, her mom was able to hide Alice from the guards and keep her alive. Alice was always kept hidden in closed little spaces whereshe barely could breath. Furthermore, during inspections it was very dangerous for her to stay inside the block. At these times she was needed to hide under the bodies of death women. Thecircumstances were terrible but it was the only way her mom could save her.
Ravensbruck is located in northern Germany and was mainly a women´s camp; nevertheless, there were some sub camps for men. Alicedad was a prisoner in one of these sub camps. One day he found a way to go see her and her mom. During this visit, her mom got pregnant and when the child was born, Alice had to take full responsibilityof her brother and hide with him.
Alice childhood was full of fear along with a huge responsibility of taking care of his little brother at such early age. Fortunately, she did an awesome job andshe was never found by the guards. After two years when the war was over she was set free along with her mom and her little brother. Nonetheless, her dad did not make it.
Alice family was originallyfrom Poland, yet, after the war they did not return to their country. Instead, trying to leave all this terrible experience behind, they migrated to South America looking for a new beginning. In...
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