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John Winston Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool during a barrage of punishment of Nazi aviation.
His father was a merchant seaman named Alfred Freddy Lennon when Lennon was born hisfather was at sea and was rarely at home.
John spent his childhood years with his mother Julia Stanley which had a very wild lifestyle, as he liked drinking and frequenting the pubs where there weresoldiers. In fact he had a daughter out of wedlock gave up for adoption.
After having a heated argument the parents of John, they raised the little that he chose to go with one of the two. And faced withthis dilemma decided to go with her mother.
But if the young John expected to stay long with her mother was wrong, because the irregularity of the domestic life of his mother was decisive fordelivery to his Aunt Mimi for that raise.

Aunt Mimi and Uncle George lived in the suburbs surrounded by doctors and other professionals. His uncle George was the owner of rental housing and a dairy, andhad a gardener who came twice a week.
But the guys from Little John were not rich, because they had to accommodate medical students to increase family income.
When John was seventeen was the tragicnews that his mother had died hit by a car what would be for small a great loss, from which it never overcame. (In fact the beautiful ballad that he wrote ten years after "Julia" or in his first soloalbum "Mother").

 While in secondary school Quarry Bank hear disc and it is clear that Elvis was not going to be less, so your gang formed the band called the Quarry Men was his friend Peter.
Andwhile acting in a social gathering in the gardens of the Church St. Peter a mutual friend of John and Paul the present, this would be on June 6, 1957.
After listening to John play, as Paul wasimpressed and later said Paul (I thought, gee it's good) but listen to play was reciprocal, as John Paul touched to see how it was much better than I had in the group will pose a major dilemma for John...
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