Nocturnal paranoia

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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2010
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Nocturnal paranoia
Helio Andrés Bonilla Velásquez

Oh my god, what was that noise? Maybe there’s here a little bee, or the loud death has come for me. If it’s the first I’llkeep sleeping, it’s just a bug I won’t be screaming.
But if it’s time of the eternal end, I guess I haven’t lived all I had to do yet.
Maybe my life would be the best, if I’dworked hard, all is not the rest. Perhaps the most fair is not a small prick; maybe with my head I should break a brick.

I know it sounds strange but I think this night is sunny Ithink if there’s bees, probably there’s honey. The sadness is not the unique that make us cry, like sometimes we are happy believing lies. Maybe the universe is like a strange soundand our little life is just walk around. If I could choose where would I like be I would choose all times keep staying here; in my disordered room seeing a cold landscape, becausethe tasteless heat which flow me in each vein, is as human as the fallen rain.

I don’t know if god was a little lazy, I just want to know who made me so crazy. If someone askme what I think about the love, I would keep in silence, I could say it’s hard but I know how win the entrance to any hearth. I’m that kind of people who looks really soundless, Ithink if I could get out one word of my mouth; it would be the loudest bellow in the world. For this reason I don’t care what the noise was, I don’t care because the life is areason to live scared.

If I back to dream awake I could fill of tears a big empty lake, how the poet who cries the reality under the rain I´m laughing at world being insane.
If Icould enlarge this revealing night I would die because I learned to knit,
If in other dawn the sun don’t find me for a unknown reason,
Tell him I have died looking for my wisdom.