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Name Cheats
Put in the name GOURANGA to enable cheat mode. Now enter one of the following names.
Type these codes in as names:
yakuzadeath - God mode. Also reported as rsjabber or livelongblastboy - All weapons. Also reported as navarone or forallgt
beefcake - Brutality increases
meatman - Hampsters
iamasucker - All level, all weapons, invulnerable
muchcash - + $500,000. Also reportedas coolboy
forallgt - All weapons
bemeall - All towns Also reported as ukgamer
elvis is here - No police. Also reported as losefeds
coolboy - Money
Info submitted by Greg Evans on Sunday,November 7, 1999 at 08:35:47
livelong -Invincibility(Can still be arrested though-reported rsjabber too)
no frills- Debug
tumyfrog - All bonus Levels
cutie1 - 99 lives
hunsrus - Invisible mode
davemoon- Weapons & ammo
schurulz - 2x Damage power up
cocktart - No exploding scores
danisgod - $200,000
mademan - Gang respect
fishflap - Tiny cars
gingerr - 1st 2 cities
iamdavej - $9,999,999jailbait - Get out of jail free card
arsestar - Keep weapons after arrest
ukgamer - All cities
lasvegas - Elvis clan
godofgta - Get weapons & ammo
gorefest - lots of gore
muchcash - get $500,000eatsoup - Free shopping
buckfast - More aggressive people
desires - Get Maximum Wanted Level
highfive - Get 5x multiplier Also reported as segarulz
bigscore - Get 10,000,000 points
itsallup -Select Level
wuggles - Show coordinates
no frills - Debug
nekked - Naked people
voltfest - Unlimited Electric Gun
flameon - Unlimited Flame gun

Power Ups for Dumped Cars
Dump these cars to getthe following power ups
Romero Armor
U-Jerk Truck Machine Gun
Michelli Roadster Machine Gun
Big Bug Machine Gun
Bug Machine Gun
Z-Type Silenced Machine Gun
Police Car Cop Bribe
Shark Molotov Cocktails
B-Type Invulnerability
Taxi Double Damage
Beamer Flame Thrower
Schmidt Health
Dementia Invisibility
Aniston BD4 Jail Free Card
Miara Rocket Launcher
Level 2 cars...
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