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  • Publicado : 29 de julio de 2010
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Just Me
I never really make common sense or explain myself when I write but it is the way I am. Personally I can write and write and never finish what I’m trying to say or explain myself but neverseemed to find a way to explain the things that come out of my head is so hopeless. But the passion that I have for writing is very confusing I loved to write mostly about what I feel and how I expressmyself and very importantly the experience that I have lived. In the other hand when it comes to writing them on a paper, simply my brain goes nuts, I have so many ideas that instead of deciding whatshould write about I just decide to write them down more likely just include them in my essay. But my problems is mostly my ideas being unorganized, and being off topic. I usually try to explainmyself by giving simple examples but in the end I just start talking about something else.
On the other hand, the complements that I receive are usually negative and positive. The positive complementsare about being creative and imaginative with my essay. Imaginative? It irritates me when they say that, because it makes me believe that I am liar yet what I write is reality the experiences that Ihave gone through is what I write about. I am not just that girl that just write just because, I am the girl that uses writing as if it was her daily use more like post notes. I wonder how professionalswill think about my work will they just laugh I mean I am not perfect. I get off topic because I get so excited writing the example that I do not realize that I am going off topic. My grammar isalways the worst but I do not intend for others to like my work one hundred percent. Admitting that I have problems writing but I do have a passion for writing what I want to. Simply I just write what Iwant not caring about how others feel about it. Does this make me a bad person? Does it make me a horrible writer?
I have written so many essays over my high school years since it was required by my...
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