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Name of the first settlers?
Date arrived?
Over the centuries III and XV
Where they spread?
The Mayan civilization spread across the southern Yucatan from Guatemala coming to Honduras.How was his political and social structure?
Were organized in several independent city-states if they controlled a territory more or less wide. The social elite were the priests and nobles
what wastheir religion?
Is a pre-Columbian religion was firmly attached to the reigning ideology, so that rather than dedicate it to the worship of the gods, the religion was concerned to understand the whyof things
How was your economy?
The economic base was agriculture and often preyed pieces of rainforest for new crops. The principal were corn, cotton and cocoa.
3 characteristics of their cultureIts buildings
Comprehensive system of writing.
The creation of your timetable.
Name of the first settlers?
When held sway?
fourteenth century to the sixteenth century.
¿Place oflocation?
located in central and southern Mexico
How was your political and social structure?
Internally, the political organization of the Aztecs was democratic. Families were divided into clans orCalpulli

What was their religion?
The Aztec religion included many gods worshiped by sacrifice of humans and animals.
How do you generated the economy?
Agriculture, livestock, fishing and hunting.Achieving significant benefits through trade with the peoples of the area.
3 characteristics of their culture:
his firm belief in a legend of oral tradition.
good administration.
education wascompulsory but varied according to sex.
Name of the first settlers?
Date on which they arrived?
500 d. C.1 or later.
Place to come?
Mexico, El Salvador and Nicaragua.
How was your politicaland social structure?
Their society was well sectioned in various strata.
What was their religion?
Most Catholics, some believers in Aztec religion and especially in El Salvador evangelical.
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