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The themes of my presentation are

1 is the television destroying the ability to read or write?

2 The computers are replacing the books?

Some people believe thatthe television has influenced for that fewer and fewer people can read and write correctly,
this for the large amount of deformation of language that always we heard,another part believes that this is motivated by the poor education that is taught in schools.

I believe that thing is very important neverheless is more importanteducation that we give them to children at home,

The television is focused only on the economics benefits
and it’s not concerned by the educational aspect, if the televisionputs more effort to accompany the educational programs with productions enjoyable and easy to understand, many people watch those programs with interes.

But it’s not thebest thing We can do, blame the televison. because the real education must start at home. if I were owner of some television chanel I could puted several programs with specialcontent for parents and teachers, for example that suggest the specialists on these topics, soapoperas for children with educational messages but without making boringfor what it refers to computers much people think that computers are going to put end to the books such as we now know to turn them into electronic books, this was already weare living now in newspaper, less and less people buy newspaper as saying that the worst news is the backward, and, on the internet can read the News in the time thathappens the fact also is easier read a book in the ipad for example because you can put the letter to the size that one need, can be loaded many books in a single equipment, etc.
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