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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2010
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There is a secret that I keep
It’s hidden just behind my teeth
And now it’s waiting to be told
Resembling impatience with a tight hold.

I always think of him. I never stop.
Every night, Isit in solemnity thinking of our love. The emotions, the reality, the secrets... The hurt.

I'm staring at the night sky from the roof. It's a nice night; soft breeze, warm air, the waves relaxingevery nerve. It's as though I'm reminiscing my memories, looking back at old moments that I'd treasure forever. The sort of memories that would kill you inside. The memories that were kept broken, andkept in the dark for so long.

I hate this torture, just staring at the ceiling
And Knowing that you’re mine.

I still question myself about him. Throughout all the interviews, the fans' questions,my family's concern, my band-mates' concern...

But I can’t say it… I just replay the moments that I had to deny
Let’s runaway, let’s runaway...

"Hayley, are you and Josh dating?"
My stomachwinds up and twists, knotting itself. I know I have to deny it. There's no possible way I can't just straight out say: "I am, and I'm madly in love."
But that feeling of pain and hurt that dwellsbetween mine and Josh's presence, and the sanity of our band, I have to spit out a lie. I fake a smile.
"No, we're not dating, never were, never will be..."

I still love him. I can't say I don't.Let’s give this love a better shot
I’ve gotta say, it’s much too late
But it’s better late than not.

It kills a part of my pride every time. The fake smiles, the lies, the prejudice being insideof me that increases desperately when I avoid the situation. With every question, every answer became more easier to say, more easier to lie.

But he helped me stay strong.

To introduceourselves connected instead of severed at our ties We are a bow, tied together like a knot, we’re not a ribbon strewn across the sky...

He held me close to his chest, he wrapped his strong hands around...
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