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Ana- I think that’s a good idea! We are going to be filthy rich!
Eva- We are going to make a lot of money at the expence of the fools who believe this nonsense.
Ana- What do you think of my fortuneteller outfit?
Eva- You look so real! And what do you think of my disguise?
Ana- I think it’s terrific. I’ve been looking into astrology information...
Eva- And I’ve studying the stars... (Theylaugh)
Ana- Watch out! Our first costumer is here!
(Entra Inés)
Inés- Oh my, I’m very worried, you have to give me some advice.
Eva- It’s a good oportunity
Ana- Tell us your problem
Inés- Oh my Dior! I’ve got a major problem. It’s worse than when I bought that already last Season’s bag
Ana- What’s the matter? Any lo...?
Inés- Don’t interrupt me, plebeian. I had a relationship with the mostpopular guy of my high school. It was fantastic! We were popular and everybody wanted to be our friends. But for the last two weeks he started to be very distant. I followed him, and I discovered that he was with another girl...
Eva- Oh, he is a jerk!
Inés- Yes but that is not all. His lover is an unpopular, geek girl. I hate her! People mustn’t discover their affair. I want you to break theirrelationship.
Ana- Oh that’s a big problem but do not worry. I can find a good cure that is going to solve it all. It’s a spell but it is very complicated (mira al techo). OK, Saturn is in position, we can start.
(entra en trance)
‘Frog’s legs, snake’s skin, break her relationship’
Eva- OK, we have finished! You can go back with your boyfriend.
Inés- Thank you so much!
Inés- What?Oh, I see... I must pay. How much is it?
Ana- 199 ₤
Inés- Well that wasn’t expensive! (paga con desprecio) Thank you (se va)
Eva- No, thank you!
Eva- Amazing! You are the best actress ever! -Oh, a new client!
(Entra Talegón)
Yo- I would like to start a fashion business selling the latest to the fashion freaks in my school. To have a great success, I need to know in advance what next seasonhottest garments are going to be.
Ana- Humm, I see... it’s not easy you know? But I ca...
Yo- You have to let me look into your cristal ball and take a look at the latest ripped trousers, ..................... and cloaks Valentino is designing right now in his workshop.
Ana- Oh, well let me polish the ball...
Yo- Well please, wipe it clean because I can not see anything in that ball! Are yousure you can tell the future?
Eva&Ana- Of course we can!
Yo- Well, well, make sure it’s cristal clear because I’m dying to see whether Manolo is going to pull up rounded or pointy toes or high or low heels for his very sofisticated low cut velvet boots.
Eva- Well, the problem is that when it is foggy we can’t see anything; you’ll have to come another day...
Yo- What do you mean by another day?!We are in autumn, it’s nearly foggy everyday. I think this is all a tarade. You two...
Ana- Wait, wait, I think I’m getting something!
Yo- Oh yeah, this! (tiro algo y me voy ofendida)
Ana- Ooops! That was a disaster… Better if we try doing some phone calls.
Eva- OK, here’s the phone.
Inés- Hello?
Ana- Welcome to our future phone-in! Who am I talking to?
Inés- I’m Inés from Morroco,Conchinchina.
Eva- Welcome Inés! We are Lettuce and Printer, your future counsellors. Would you like to know your future? We can read you the tarot cards.
Inés- Yes I do. I’m a young entrepeneur and I’m specially interested in my career.
Ana- Hummm (echa las cartas) Let’s take a look at the first tarot card -OH MY GOSH!! (se tapa la cabeza)(solloza)
Eva- I’m sorry but we have bad news for you.Inés- What!?
Eva- The fist tarot card is the death one. You’re going to die soon...
Inés- What the...!? Who, me!? How?
Eva- Let me see... second tarot card... AAAAHHH!
Ana- You aren’t lucky girl! You’re going to die because you’ll try to climb a tree and you’ll fall.
Inés- Oh dear... I always said that trees were evil. No one believed me, though. Anyway, thank you and bye. (cuelga)...
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