One right guaranteed by the first amendement

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  • Publicado : 20 de marzo de 2011
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The Gate to a New Life Saul Aguilar per.1

Dear Mitsubishi Toyota,

I write this letter to you from what I used to call the awesome land of opportunities. It isreally hard living here in the United States. Getting into this country was one of the many obstacles I’ve had to overcome while I’ve been here. Angel Island was harsh! They had me and therest of our people waiting for long periods of time waiting to be questioned and tested to see if we had any problems medically or mentally. The building we were in was in poorconditions, it was filthy. The test was hard because I had major trouble understanding the language, but I managed to pass. About a year ago a major wave of Japanese people came since they foundout that the work pay wages were high here. I remember seeing the little city I live in populate with a huge amount of Japanese people. Not only are there Japanese people here, plenty ofothers are here like the Chinese. They arrived earlier then us I think, I’ve heard stories that a big wave of Chinese immigrants came years ago because of California’s Gold Rush, alsothat the Chinese immigrants helped build the railroads that are being used today. Not to forget about the racism I’ve had to go through. These American people are very cruel and coldhearted. Their newspaper filled with racist cartoons and comments talking about how we are different and we should go back to our native homes. Well I hope you get this so you could see howthis country isn’t all that great. Hope to hear from you soon.Sincerely,
Yamaha Suzuki
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