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LOCATION: 556Km. Southeast of Lima and to 2761msnm, its territory comprises parts typical mountain interandean east of the Cordillera Occidental.
WEATHER:Warm and dry with an average annual temperature 17 ° C
POLICY DIVISION: Divided into 11 provinces are: Luke, Parinacochas, Paucar Del Sara Sara, Sucre, Huancasancos, Victor Fajardo, VilcashuamanCangalloHuamanga, La Mar, Huanta.
HISTORY: developed in three pre-Hispanic forms, which was presented with the most representative of the Wari culture; colonial town settled in the rich mining andcommissioners who as a show of power, financed the construction of exquisite temples, Huamanga, as it was originally called, became a strategic value in the colony he was a crossing point forced on the roadfrom Lima to Cusco, and Republican Ayacucho was founded in 1540 under the name of San Juan de Huamanga Border and became, during the century XVII, in one of the most important works ateliers art of thecrown. Today is the refuge of the artisans, musicians and dancers more representative of the culture the saw.
CULTURE: Famous people, Felipe Huaman Poma Ayala, Adalberto Varallanos, Andres AvelinoCaceres. Music and Dance a central theme of popular music Andean is rural. The figure of the Pachamama "Mother Earth" is linked not only to the issue of fertility, but also the pre-Hispanic religious ofwamanis. Holy Week according to experts in the world there are only two places where you keep ancient rituals of Holy Week and where to sit and collecting a special religious fervor: Seville Spainand Ayacucho in Peru.
CRAFTS: Crafts Ayacucho turns city and its surrounding villages in a huge living museum, which combine many forms of artistic expressions, which are manifestations of dailyliving, and ancestral memories. Artwork, unique and of incalculable artistic value may be found easily.
CUISINE: Ayacucho is a region that is dedicated to livestock and so many of their dishes are made...
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