Optimization model for an oil well drilling program: mexico case.

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OPTIMIZATION MODEL FOR AN OIL WELL DRILLING PROGRAM: MEXICO CASE Irma Glinz Postgraduate Division of the Faculty of Engineering, UNAM icglinz@dictfi.unam.mx Lorena Berumen Postgraduate Division of the Faculty of Economy, UNAM loberumen@apolo.acatlan.unam.mx
This document provides an overall of the oil well drilling in PEMEX Exploraci ón y Producción (PEP), it presents a diagnosis of the currentsituation which finally constitutes the grounds for a “model for the optimization of an oil well drilling program”. This model is an application of the optimization techniques and, specifically, of the binary integer programming. Key Words: binary integer programming, oil well drilling and maximization of economic value

INTRODUCTION The approach and commitment of commercial relations betweenMexico and the industrialized countries, characterized for comprising highly competitive companies, have caused in our country a growing trend of the companies towards the modernization of their work plans in order to achieve higher productivity [1] and easier access to the international markets. Petróleos Mexicanos [2] complying with its social commitment of guaranteeing the supply of hydrocarbonsto the nation started an integral transformation of the company several years ago, seeking to reach a place in the competitivity worldwide context. Therefore, it has been implementing actions aimed to offer its hydrocarbons at competitive prices [3] but without significantly sacrifying the profits of the company by means of the rationalization and efficient use of its resources. Pemex faces greatchallenges at short and medium term: efficiently administration of the declension of the main oil fields; substitution of this declension with hydrocarbons from other basins; sustainment the production platform at medium term; productivity increase and improvement of its operation performance; proved reserves increase in order to keep the production levels at medium and long term [4]; in order toachieve the above, it needs, among other things, planning and administration of

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its complete well drilling process which starts by selecting the technology and finishes by the incorporation of reserves or the administration of the production. Likewise,Petróleos Mexicanos, pursuant to this new economic situation has reconsidered its main purpose such as the maximization of the economic value at long term [5], hence, Pemex Exploración y Producción currently faces the challenge of contributing in the attainment of this purpose by the identification of all those operations subject to be optimized and the start-up of applicable correction actions.One of said operations is identified in this work: Wells drilling and an optimization mathematical model is presented by means of which the available drilling equipment is assigned to the different geologically detected locations with the possibility of storing hydrocarbons in such a way that the maximization of the economic value is guaranteed. It is important to highlight that both in Mexico andin the rest of the world, the oil companies dedicated to the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons apply approximately 60 % of its budget to the investment of its wells drilling program. This document presents a mathematical model which is theoretically grounded on the Binary Integer Programming Model corresponding to the Operations Research field [6] and to the use of specialized software[7]. This model enables obtaining different scenarios on the optimum assignation of drilling equipment of oil wells [8], it may influence on the decisions making and support the maximization of the economic value of the companies dedicated to the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons. BACKGROUND During many decades the Oil Industry has considered the Wells Drilling field as an “art”...
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