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1. You should have given to Laura a dog as a birthday gift, but you gave her a disgusting cat
2. Emily might have swum all day, but she had to work.
3. I may have fed the dogs for themorning, but I had a lot of things to do.

1. Cristina had gone to the store today and she bought a new sweater, I also had bought one.
2. We should have received the money today forthe afternoon, also the rest of the workers.
3. They might have been punished, also they were beaten

1. You should have come to my birthday; however, it doesn't matter anymore.2. I had already been in this house, however i don't remember it.
3. I already told you the truth, however you don't believe me.
1. She had not another option, so she confessed to Ian thathe loved him.
2. I should have confessed the truth because I did a big deal
3. They had not given me the job, so i looked for another job.

1. I should have confessed the truthbecause I did a big deal
2. She had to sleep all day, because she was tired.
3. They should have smiled, because they won the competition.

As long as
1. I should have written theletter, as long as it was possible.
2. We had sung in the discotheque, as long as my dad left us
3. I should have eaten my vegetables, as long as I the doctor told me.

As equally as
1. Ishould have sewed a few clothes, as equally as my sister did.
2. She had learned to fix cars, as equally as her cousin learned to cook.
3. I might have apologized to my puppy as equally as he didwith me when I yell him.

As similar as
1. Mario had published in his book phrases as similar as quotes.
2. Rihanna should have done a performance in her new video as similar as theperformances that she has done in her videos.
3. Carolina might have read a few books as similar as books that her Teacher told her.
1. I should have said my uncle that my cousin had not gone...
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