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I was in Cartagena with my family, the last vacations.
I beat to Matthew, but I still am angry with him.
Jesus became the meaning of my life. He’s my strength.
The class began with my exposition.Yesterday, the wind blew very strong.
My little brother broke my mirror.
I brought several things of my last trip.
You built an excellent building. Congratulations!
My father burnt his fingerwith the pot.
I bought you a birthday present. It’s very nice.
I caught your tears, because I didn’t lie to see you sad.
Michael chose the best person for his life. His girlfriend is very friendly.Luifer Cuello came to Montería the last year.
This necklace cost a lot of money, so I can’t accept it.
Marcela cut herself her finger.
I did my homework, but I forgot it.
I drew your smile in myheart.
I drank a lot of beers with my friends. I was drunk.
I drove my father’s car when I was 15.
I ate a slice of pizza for dinner.
Luis fell off the chair, the last class.
Yesterday, I felttired, but today I feel better.
I found ten thousand pesos on the street. I’m lucky.
Yesterday, the seagulls flew on the sunset. It was a beautiful moment.
I forgot his name, but He’s a clever guy.
Igot a 5 in my test. It was awesome.
I gave to Carlos my best English book. He really needs it.
I went to shopping with my mother and aunt, the last Saturday.
I grew up in Montería and I still livein Montería.
I had a parrot when I was a child.
Last night, I heard a scream in my bedroom.
I hid my bag on the garden, because there were many things too important for me.
I hit to Samuel,because he shouted me.
I held the pain in my arm thanks to my mother, because she helped me.
I hurt myself, because I fell off the bike.
I kept quiet because I didn't know much about the topic.
I knewthe answer, but I couldn’t remember it.
I learnt English in the high school.
I left the elementary school when I was 10.
I lent money to my best friend, because he was so desperate.
I let Maria...
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