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EIS Installation Checklist for X2270, X4170, X4270, X4275 & X4470 1 Servers (Solaris/ X64 )
Customer: Sales Order Number: CASE Number: Technician: Version EIS-DVD: Date:
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It is recommend that the EIS web pages are checked for the latest version of this checklist prior to commencing the installation. It is assumed that the installation is carried out with the help of thecurrent EIS-DVD. See http://EIS/eisdvd. The idea behind this checklist is to help the installer achieve a "good" installation. For platform minimum Solaris requirements refer to table at the bottom of page 14. It is assumed that the installer has attended the appropriate training classes. The installation should be prepared using EISdoc V4. For the installation of a cluster this installationchecklist is used together with the checklist for Sun Cluster. For systems to be rack mounted the racks must be as defined in the Sun System Handbook (via SunSolve). It is assumed in this checklist that Solaris 10 Update 6 or later is used. If you are intending to install the server via JET, refer also to the JET checklist. It is not intended that this checklist be handed over to the customer.Server Type

Serial Number




1 “x86” refers to 64-bit and 32-bit systems manufactured using processors compatible with the AMD64 or Intel Xeon or Pentium processors.
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EISdoc V4: File EIS-DOCS-SiteAudit-Standard.odt EISdoc V4: Use appropriate BUILD and TPPdocumentation. EISdoc V4: File EIS-DOCS-InstallationSpecification-Document.odt IP addresses are required for both the platform & the ILOM Service Processor.


EIS Site-Audit Report complete? EIS Installation Configuration Plan & Test Procedures Plan complete? EIS Installation Specification Document signed? FABs/EIS-ALERTs reviewed? If name service (DNS, NIS) in use, ensure that newhostnames & IP addresses are correct on name server.




Delivery complete? Collect the yellow system records. Allow the system to acclimatise (power off) at the customer site. Unpack outside data center to ensure no contamination/dust is released inside customer's controlled environment. Verify all packing material has been removed, i.e. nothing is blocked.Gather excess parts, cables etc. in a box. Collect documentation together. Request licences where required.
Give to customer during handover. Sun or customer requests licences File away carefully! Refer to EIS standard “Acclimatisation of Sun Servers & Storage” Collect packing material together for disposal. Fans & air vents must be free to operate.

RACKMOUNTING – WHERE APPLICABLE Always loadequipment into a rack from the bottom upwards so that it will not become top-heavy and tip over. Deploy the rack's anti-tilt bar to prevent the rack from tipping during equipment installation. Install one mounting bracket on each side of the server.
The number of servers supported in a given rack depend on the power & cooling available. SunFire Hardware Expansion Cabinet, Sun StorEdge Arraycabinet, 3rd Party ANSI/EIA 310-D-1992 or IEC 60927 compliant cabinet.

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V 1.5 Created: 15. Sep. 2010

Task Install one slide-rail assembly to each side of the rack.

Slide rail kits: • X2270: X8347A (tool-less) or X8348A (bolt-on). Cable Management Arm X8346A. • X4170/X4270: 6326A or 6325A. Cable Management Arm X6324A. •X4275: X5889A (tool-less) or X5906A (bolt-on). Cable Management Arm X5888A.


X4470: 371-4791. Cable Management Arm 371-4812.

Slide the server into the rack. Secure the server with captive thumbscrews in the rack. ASSEMBLY/CABLING Note the serial numbers.

Ensure unobstructed airflow to the rear of the units when cabling. Repeat these steps for each server to be rack mounted....
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