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How many times has your mom said something like: “I don’t want you to come back smelling like beer.” Now you can answer that by saying: “Mom have you heard that beer helps keepyou healthy so if you don’t want to visit me in the hospital in a few years you should listen to the scientist.
Here are some reasons why beer is good for you.
Beer is a cancer preventer.There is an ingredient in beer called hops that helps prevents prostate cancer and colon cancer. It can also be a hormone therapy for woman.
Getting your vitamins is important right.?You can find vitamin B6 in beer. It decreases the level of homocysteine which increases the chances of heart rate.
Beer also reduces the chance of heart disease. Studies show that beerdrinkers have higher levels of high density cholesterol also lower levels of a protein that promotes blood clots. As well as elevated levels of other molecules that prevents the clotting andstickiness of blood cells.
There is also a 40 percent lower risk of kidney stones in beer drinkers.
Beer helps reduce chromosomal damage from radiation exposure so if you need to get an xray done you don’t have to worry about the effects.
When you need to study for a test the next day and it’s late you go for a cup of coffee, and coffee has caffeine that produces problemsin your heart, so instead of going for a cup of coffee you should drink a bear because it doesn’t have a the bad side effects of coffee, yet it still keeps you awake.
In conclusion, theseare some the reasons why beer is good for you; Beer can help prevent cancer, give you your vitamins, reduce the chance of heart disease, and reduce chromosomal damage from radiation. So ifyou want to stay healthy don’t always believe what people tell you, beer has been proven to be good for you in many ways. So now you can a enjoy a beer without the worries of bad side effect.
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