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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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The oratory is the art of speaking eloquently in front of an audience.
Good morning peers, teachers and the general public my name is melissa martinez hidalgo and am a freshman in the sameinstitution, now I will come to speak about global warming.
The projections at the time about global warming, if it builds on existing measures and increases are horrible, endangered glaciers and thepoles, all that melted ice and deadly floods create an ecological imbalance impossible to control. Uncontrolled felling of trees at an alarming rate worsens the situation. Large tracts of forests andwoodlands are cleared for the use of wood.
This implies the loss of biodiversity. It is true that large companies and factories are responsible for this situation. Is even truer if not reinforcedenvironmental policies and laws that control the causes of global warming, isolated efforts will be lost. But the responsibility extends individually to each person on the planet, out of habit andbecause there is still time to turn things together. This term can be closed together in ten years.
You might wonder how to help reduce the effects of pollution on climate change?
There are some simplethings you can do to reduce global warming, because directly or indirectly involve decreased production of carbon dioxide greenhouse effect.
• Change your light bulbs for those classified as low.
•Restricts the most of your water use and in particular hot water.
• Recycle your garbage although accurate advice is to produce as little waste as possible.
• Do not drive, use means of transport thatdo not produce carbon dioxide, the bicycle is a good choice.
• Buy recycled paper and recycle your paper.
• Provided education on these issues for children and adults.

The purpose of whatthey speak is to create awareness of the situation that currently our planet from global warming.
So my conclusion I have come to thank you very much for your attention.

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