Organitation and behave

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  • Publicado : 2 de marzo de 2012
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Topic: Motivation
Date: February , 2012
Professor: Dr. Gerald L. Finch

HW7. As a role of student do you feel that you are motivated, more than Maslow lower order or higher orderneeds? Describe how you expect motivation ones you graduated?

As a role of student I am motivated by higher order needs. Esteem needs and self actualization needs. For example I am verymotivated by factors like positive regards, recognition and by developing my potential. For me recognitions are very important, because they show that what you do is important, and that someonehas notice this. Sometimes we thing that we do correctly but the only way in which you know that is correct for you ,and someone else, is that that you receive some type of recognition.Receiving a recognition motive me for doing better and get more recognition. If I not recessive any type of recognition, means that no one notice my work and that it is not important. By the otherway, self actualization needs is other type of motivation that work with me. Knowing that I am a better person or that I have more knowledge is a really good motivate for me. Classes that askme for effort and investigation, looks like a challenge that I have to pass.

HW9. Which one factor Herzberg’s to factor model is most motivated to you at present time. Explain. Is thishygiene or motivation factor.

For me, the motivational factor is the one that most motivates me. I think this because the factors like recognition, interesting in my duties, advancement areimportant when I search for motivation. The other factors contained in the hygiene factors for me are irrelevant. I think this because the administration, supervision, relationships, etc.These factors are not too much important for me, especially if I try to get motivation. So the motivational factors are the ones that helps me giving me motivation during my student life.
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