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Juan Camacho
EN 102
Prof. Logan
Othello’s Racism
“The tragedy of Othello” is an immortal piece of theater that has stood the test of time and that leads the playgoer to reflection onhuman jealousy, intrigue and mistrust like beasts crouching and waiting for their prey to be killed from behind. The _Tragedy of Othello_ lends itself to many interpretations, for example, Shakespeare’scritique of European xenophobia that it is a curious case of the play about the angry Moor.
It is usual to see racism and xenophobic critics during Shakespeare’s plays; Shakespeare was known for hisxenophobia against some ethnic groups including the Jews. His classic play "The Merchant of Venice" portrays a very unfavorable picture of the Jews. This prejudice is exemplified with theunforgettable character of Shylock, a very bad usurer, who made a deal for money as a reward, including human flesh. This incredible situation says a great deal about the prejudices of the playwright in regardsto the Jews. Despite the overt racist statement of the work, the reader cannot deny that the construction of characters is impeccable, and makes the play a real pleasure to read the fine fabric ofShakespeare, a genius without comparison in literary history. (Mabillard) The story of Othello the Moor in service to the Doge of Venice does not show a negative image of the Arab race. The Moor ispresented by Shakespeare as a loyal soldier and one full of virtues who has come to serve the Doge of Venice with loyalty and has the respect of his fellow soldiers and comrades. Contrary to today'sEurope, the Venice that Shakespeare portrays was a little bit more tolerant and valued men for their merits and not for their skin color. Even the drama of the English bard has genuine love between a nobleideal Venice (Desdemona) and the dashing Moor (Othello), a romance that even in the first half of the twentieth century would have been heavily censored in a progressive power like the United...
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