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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2010
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Project 4th Bimester
Overfishing: Techniques and consequences
Ana Karla Botello Hurtado
Ana Victoria Monreal
Christian Israel Sosa Jiménez
NancyValeria Roman Delgado
Miss: Ximena Reyes
Febrary 17 del 2010

The most common techniques used in overfishing are Hand gathering, spear fishing, netting, angling and trapping. Those techniquesare regularly used for recreational8for pleasure or sport), commercial(profit) and artisans fishers(use traditional low tech methods).
Fish Disposal
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1What a lovely place toplant a carp!  This spot is about 4 feet from an Oak tree and is under the overhanging branches, which means more feed for the tree.
2. After about 10 minutes of sweat you can have a hole likethis one.  Notice that I tried to keep the grass together so I would not have a bald spot in the yard for 6 months.

3.Make sure that your hole is big enough to accommodate your fish or the neighborhooddogs and raccoons will have fun digging up your work. 

4.Notice how a wheelbarrow was used to hold the dirt while the digging was being done.  The ladies will bitch less when the yard is clean.Consequences
For humans
Scientist and fisherman agree that catches aren’t like they use to be. Many of the large ocean fish species have declined significantly, and the fish that are behin caught are muchsmaller in size that those caught a decade or two ago. The reason for that is overfishing, but also pollution.
Fish farming has increased dramatically in the last decade. Polluting the ecosystemsnear the operations and spreaning disease to wild species. Left to its current trend, fish farming will ultimately become nothing more than the sea-going version of that land-based abomination,industrial agriculture.
Wild fish and poor management of fish farms, in the end, the bad practices will mean less fish for food.
The physical impacts for the fishes are:
a)Incidental moertality(the fish die...
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