Ozone layer

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What is the Ozone Layer??
* The ozone layer is a deep layer in the stratosphere ( which is the second major layer of earths atmosphere) encircling the earth. That protects humans and otherorganism from the UV radiation.
* This layer shields the entire earth from much of the harmful ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun.
* It absorbs 97-99% of the suns high frequencyultraviolet light, which is potentially damaging to the life form on earth.
The Ozone Hole in Antarctica
* The Antarctic ozone hole was reported to be as big as North American (the fifth largest everreported)
* The ozone hole in Antarctica is most destructive during the spring, from September to early December
*  The primary cause of ozone depletion in the Antarctic is the presence ofchlorine-containing source gases
* It’s a special form of oxygen, made up 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and about 1% trace gases.
* Usually forms when some type of radiation or electrical dischargeseparates two atoms in oxygen molecule which can then individually recombine with other oxygen molecules to Form an ozone.
Negative Affects Of The Ozone Layer
* When ever a small amount of the ozonelayer is lost more harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun can reach the Earth
* The increase of cancer victims caused by exposure to the ultraviolet sun rays will rise. The EPA estimates that 60million Americans born by the year 2075 will get skin cancer because of the ozone depletion.  About one million of these people will die
* In addition to cancer, some research shows that adecreased ozone layer will increase rates of malaria and other infectious diseases
* Oceans will be hit hard as well. 
* The most basic microscopic organisms
* such as plankton may not be ableto
* survive.  If that happened, it would
mean that all of the other animals
* that are above plankton in the food chain would also die out.  Other ecosystems such as forests and deserts...
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